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The education in this South Pacific island nation is considered to be world class and highly progressive. Qualifications earned in New Zealand universities are recognized around the world. More importantly, education institutions here offer a wide array of courses and opportunities to interested students. Reports from employers around the world show that students who graduate from New Zealand universities and colleges are often innovative thinkers.


The New Zealand Qualification Authority, or NZQA, ensures that the quality of programs offered by institutes in the country is always of the highest possible standards. This maintains the international standards of education that New Zealand has come to be identical with. Moreover, the country offers some of the best balance of academics and welfare in the world. The curriculum offered is highly balanced and is relevant to the current processes followed in work spaces the world over.

Cost of studying in New Zealand is almost 50% less than that of studying in a country like, say, USA or UK, it is even cheaper than studying in Canada or even Australia for that matter. Studying in a country like New Zealand can not only give you the international exposure and learning experience you need for world markets but is also a great deal easier on your bank accounts. Bachelor’s degrees here can last for up to three years and a post graduate degree will take you another year.

The government and the accreditation authorities of New Zealand take strong and focused measures to ensure that the universities here are consistently ranked among the best in the world. There is also a great deal of focus on ensuring a wholesome education experience for students here. The beautiful climate and environment ensures that you are never at a loss for things to do. Be it sports, activities like theater, music etc. New Zealand provides you a decisive bang for your buck.

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